LIVE22 Myanmar provides creative and exciting online casino games. The casino marks high-quality sound effects and images. The company delivers the best gaming experience in the slot gaming industry. Live22 Myanmar creates the most interactive gameplay with the largest and most lucrative tournament “LIVE22 Metaverse Myanmar”. It promotes rewarding competitions of social gaming events in a unique style for players and agents. 

Metaverse allows users to interact with a virtual-reality space, environment and other players. Now worldwide Live22 Myanmar players can take part in the same tournaments of Metaverse at official live22 website: www.cuci22.com/www.live22659.com. The LIVE22 Metaverse Myanmar’s concept is to attract new users and enter new gaming markets. It grows continuous income and customers. LIVE22 Myanmar is an online casino game provider that prides itself on delivering innovative and engaging games with awesome audio visuals of great quality.


> Jarvis (Non-Progressive) 

1 bk959 slot game x live22 Metaverse JARVIS

> Blackpink (Non-Progressive) 

2 bk959 slot game x live22 Metaverse Blackpink

> Crypto Coin (Non-Progressive) 

3 bk959 slot game x live22 Metaverse Crypto Coin

> Mobox (Non-Progressive) 

4 bk959 slot game x live22 Metaverse Mobox

> Classic Diamond X5 (Non-Progressive) 

5 bk959 slot game x live22 Metaverse Classic Diamond X5

> Oni Cosmic Atlas (Non-Progressive) 

6 bk959 slot game x live22 Metaverse Oni Cosmic Atlas

> Mask of Truth Jumboways (32400 ways) 

7 bk959 slot game x live22 Metaverse Mask of Truth Jumboways

> Fortune Realm (Non-Progressive) 

8 bk959 slot game x live22 Metaverse Fortune Realm


The tournament mission is to innovate and deliver the most exciting and engaging online gaming experience to LIVE22 Myanmar players worldwide. The company strives to set new standards of excellence in the industry. They constantly push the boundaries of what’s possible.


LIVE22 Myanmar understands that for some of their players, the process of spinning the reels until they trigger a free game or bonus feature can be uninteresting. To address this, LIVE22 Myanmar has designed a “buy” feature. It is user-friendly and convenient. The buy feature allows Burmese players to buy bonuses or free games with just one click. Whether your players are seeking an added advantage or a change of pace, this feature provides a swift and effortless way for them to enhance their gaming experience.


Every business targets different market segments, where players prefer different bet sizes. Thus, LIVE22 Myanmar offers you the option to set your preferred bet size ranges. This allows you to customize the betting options to meet the specific requirements of your target market. By doing so, LIVE22 Myanmar can ensure that your players have an exciting gaming experience while also making your business profitable. 


LIVE22 Myanmar never fails to recommend the right games to players. That’s why the game lobby is designed to provide a simple and user-friendly interface. Players can effortlessly find the games that suit their preferences. Furthermore, LIVE22 game lobby features a inventive approach that highlights a clean and streamlined design. This provides players with a sense of clarity and focus, which takes their gaming experience to the next level.


LIVE22 Myanmar offers more than just games! LIVE22 has a wide variety of unique creations that are not available elsewhere in the market. These include seasonal events, campaigns, and other features. Each one is designed to engage players and increase their loyalty to your platform. This leads LIVE22 Myanmar to meet the largest fandom in the gambling business.

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